Board of Directors

Arcadia Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, 2014-2015

Executive Committee 2015-2016

Past Presidents (may serve as Honorary Board Member for 2 years)


First two-year term expires March 31, 2016

Second two-year term expires March 31, 2016

Second two-year term expires March 31, 2017

First two-year term expires March 31, 2017

Business Districts (President appointment for one-year term)

  1. Downtown: Matt McSweeny, Matt Denny’s Ale House
  2. Westfield Santa Anita: Ramon Oseguera
  3. Santa Anita Park: Past President Pete Siberell
  4. North Arcadia: TBD
  5. South Arcadia: TBD
  6. West Arcadia: TBD

Additional Presidential Appointments (one-year term)
(president’s option of 1, 2, 3 or none)

City Liaisons (to be reappointed):

  • Mayor TBD
  • City Manager Dominic Lazzaretto

School Liasons (to be reappointed)

  • AUSD School Board President: Lori Phillipi (continue with sitting President)
  • AUSD Superintendent: Dr. David Vannasdall

Committee Chairmen, 2015-2016
(To be appointed by President; do not need to be Board Directors)

  • Ambassadors: Rich Jones, San Marino Tribune
  • Taste of Arcadia: Chief Taste Officer – Bruce McCallum; Deputy Taste Officer – Andrew Cooper
  • Chinese Consumer Committee: Scott Hettrick
  • Business Expos (including Business Showcase at the Taste): Chairman Vicki Knight
  • Budget & Finance: Execs, bookkeeper, one at large committee
  • Government Affairs Forum: Chairman Jack Orswell, Orswell & Kasman; co-chair Peter Ulrich
  • Networking Breakfast: Patricia Colonetto, Mountain Views News; Rod Salazar, Stubbies Promotions
  • Past Presidents: TBD

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