Water saving tip from Rod’s


Rod's Grill owner Manny Romero has made a significant water-saving discovery that he has shared with the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce to pass on to our restaurant members and any others who use a commercial ice-making machine. Manny recently learned that he can save 50 gallons of water every … [Read more...]

Chu Biz Person of Year: Hettrick


A well-deserved honor was awarded to Arcadia Chamber of Commerce CEO Scott Hettrick on Saturday, August 1, 2015, at the Temple City Historical Society and Woman’s Club. A familiar face at hundreds of events around the city and also a selfless, caring person to all, Scott was honored at … [Read more...]

Chamber members the best


Further evidence of the quality of Arcadia Chamber of Commerce members: Dozens of Arcadia Chamber members - individuals, businesses, organizations, the City and the School District -- have stepped up big time time to ensure a memorable first impression of the USA, California, and Arcadia for … [Read more...]

Mercedes Jurassic World co-star


Arcadia's lone car brand, Mercedes-Benz, gets a dinosaur-sized boost in this weekend's new film release, "Jurassic World." The beautiful and tough director of the Jurassic World theme park, actress Bryce Dallas Howard, drives a 2016 silver Mercedes-Benz GLE that is every bit as eye-catchingly … [Read more...]

Attorneys ride for arthritis


John Morris and Shinju Morris of Arcadia Chamber member firm Morris & Morris, a Law Corporation, 150 N. Santa Anita Ave., are participating for the second year in the 15th annual Arthritis Foundation California Coast Classic 525-mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles from September … [Read more...]

Go Gadget instant endorsement!


Less than a week being introduced to new Arcadia Chamber of Commerce member Go Gadget at the Ambassadors meeting-- like an auto repair shop but for your mobile devices -- for the first time in years I found myself in need of quick service from a place just like this. During a Mother's Day … [Read more...]

Mercedes dominates media


It seems that no matter what form of entertainment I am watching these days on TV or in the movie theater or even in person at an outdoor arena, there is the logo of Arcadia's hometown car dealer brand and the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce's Business of the Year, Mercedes Benz at Rusnak … [Read more...]

Wuo Mayor of new Council

Scott Hettrick

Arcadia Chamber of Commerce President Denise Weaver and I had the honor of presenting plaques of appreciation to three outgoing City Council Members Tuesday night, April 15, 2014, shortly before former Mayor John Wuo was elected Mayor once again by his new fellow Council Members and former Mayor … [Read more...]

Thanks to Cruise Planners

Sherry and Sho Tay on recent vacation.

Arcadia Chamber Ambassador Sho Tay and his wife Sherry recently enjoyed a terrific vacation they booked with Chamber members Cruise Planners, including fellow Chamber Ambassador Ivan Lai. Sherry e-mailed the following summary of their trip and experience with Cruise Planners to the … [Read more...]