Thanks to Cruise Planners

Sherry and Sho Tay on recent vacation.

Arcadia Chamber Ambassador Sho Tay and his wife Sherry recently enjoyed a terrific vacation they booked with Chamber members Cruise Planners, including fellow Chamber Ambassador Ivan Lai. Sherry e-mailed the following summary of their trip and experience with Cruise Planners to the … [Read more...]

Happy non-profit year?

Scott Hettrick

In this college football Bowl season and NFL football playoffs, it once again reminds us of the gross abuse of the IRS's non-profit status for organizations that are hardly deserving of relief from taxes and the ability to offer donors a tax deduction for contributions. Although the first … [Read more...]

Rooting for Rusnak Mercedes

Scott Hettrick

After nearly ten years of negotiations with the City of Arcadia, Rusnak Mercedes' recent completion of a deal to expand the auto seller to Santa Anita Avenue will all but lock the dealership to its Arcadia location for the foreseeable future, according to those involved with the … [Read more...]

Exciting Chamber trip to Abu Dhabi, Dubai


I recently had the opportunity to make my first trip to the Middle East -- specifically to two of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi and Dubai -- along with a half-dozen other Chamber executives from Virginia, Philadelphia, and several towns near Toronto, Canada, courtesy of Abu Dhabi tourism and … [Read more...]

Food changes coming

Scott Hettrick

The face of food in Arcadia is changing quickly all of a sudden. First, the long-standing Ralph's grocery store on Santa Anita Avenue will be closing for good on May 24. I'm told that the company will continue to own the property and will most likely not lease the space to another grocer since … [Read more...]

High praise for Chamber


I am posting this very nice thank you letter as an example of one of the many ways the Chamber promotes our members and community each and every day. The only thing unique this time is that a caller took the time to write and mail this gracious acknowledgement of our efforts. So, it gives us … [Read more...]