Premiere & James W. Rider CPA MBT


This month's Personal Ambassador Mary Hansen introduced two of the ten new members that joined the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce in June at the monthly Ambassadors meeting on July 1, 2014: James W. Rider, CPA MBT - Whether you are an individual or a local business in or around Arcadia, James and … [Read more...]

Budget approval, more by Board

With the end of the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce 2013-14 fiscal year June 30 and an estimate by CEO Scott Hettrick of the Chamber's first year in the black for more than a decade, the Board of Directors approved a proposed $300,000-plus budget for 2014-15 to go into effect July 1, 2014. The proposed … [Read more...]

Public Works, July 3 Gov Affairs

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For the upcoming July 3rd Government Affairs Forum, the guest speaker will be Director of Public Works, Tom Tait. The public is invited on the first Thursday of each month at 8am to hear informative presentations at the Government Affairs Forum led by Chairman Jack Orswell from Orswell & Kasman, … [Read more...]