Flash Course has lasting impact


A full room of attendees at today's free Flash Course lunch class on how to best utilize web browsers, e-mail and the telephone for your business were completely engaged the entire 75-minutes as Michelle Nunez and Andrew Gregson of Hart, Mieras & Morris and The Executive Factor provided a … [Read more...]

Chamber members at Breeders’


More than 15 Arcadia Chamber members who responded quickly a couple of months ago to a first-come, first-serve offer by the Chamber enjoyed a terrific day at the track Friday, Oct. 31, 2014. "I gave away all the candy I brought to 200-300 kids and their parents and it was a great day," said Ivan … [Read more...]

Matt Denny’s on KNBC for Breeders’


The Breeders' Cup brings nearly $65 million to Arcadia, San Gabriel Valley and the L.A. area, and Arcadia Chamber of Commerce board member Matt McSweeny of Matt Denny's Ale House Restaurant and Chamber CEO Scott Hettrick spoke briefly about the economic benefit in a report on KNBC News Channel 4 … [Read more...]

L.A. Register member discount


The new Los Angeles County Register is offering two exclusive major discount offers for Arcadia Chamber members to reach more than 70,000 homes in the local region, or even more County-wide: Share a $1,000 Taste of Arcadia ad with the Chamber across the bottom of the cover of the Local section … [Read more...]

Arcadia eateries, Breeders’ flier


Twelve of the best restaurants in Arcadia have landed in a new Visit Arcadia brochure being mailed this month in a special package to 8,500 high-roller ticket purchasers from all over the globe who will be attending the Breeders' Cup at Santa Anita Park in late October for the race days on Oct. 31 … [Read more...]