Taste of Arcadia winners

Chef David Flood of Flooded with Flavor Catering Company and Nordstrom Café presented the framed certificates in person last week to the winners of this year’s Taste of Arcadia food and beverage contest on Sept. 24, 2012 (photo gallery below – click the lower case “i” in upper right corner of gallery for information / photo caption).

Flood coordinated much of the food and beverage operation at Taste and was responsible for recruiting Food Network celebrity chef stars Jyll Everman and Penny Davidi to help promote the event and participate as judges with Arcadia Mayor Pro Tem Mickey Segal and his wife, Lee Segal, a nutritionist and gourmet cook.

San Marino-based Sweet & Savory won the Best in Show award and landed an agreement with Gold Sponsor Westfield Santa Anita during the evening to open a shop at the mall.

There were four other winners of culinary contest awards from the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce at L.A. County Arboretum.

Ironically, the award for Most Savory didn’t go to Sweet & Savory, but Sena of Monrovia, owned and operated by Nikki C’s.

The complete list of winners:


  1. Rose Mary Taquinno says

    I was sorry to see the Orleans Corner closed down and another place going in there. Unfortunately, no Cajun/Creole restaurant has made it in Arcadia, Monrovia, or Sierra Madre, though all have tried. I’m from the South and know what that food is supposed to taste like, and no one has done it right yet. It’s too bad. The Southern food is great, and somewhere there must be someone who knows how to do it, but no one has succeeded yet. I do wish somebody could get it right.