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 You are invited to Arcadia Chamber of Commerce Year of the Dragon Networking Event

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商會會員: $35 each

不是商會會員: $45 each

名額有限 請早報名
Space is Limited

憑票入場 當天不售票
No Walk-Ins

  • 介紹您的生意 Promote your business ( 三十秒 30 sec promotion)


  • 分享您的商業廣告行銷經驗 Exchange information (Share your business, advertisement, sales experience)


  • 聽聽大家做生意的故事 Discover other’s WHY (Hear other’s business stories) Making connections


  • 與職場商業人士建立良好的關係 Building a good relationship with other business people
抽獎  Raffle prizes
午餐  Lunch

If you have any questions email us

Or Call (626) 447-2159

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亞凱迪亞商會 ~ 商場職場旺的開始

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Nonmember Events Limitation Policy

The ACOC’s objective in establishing a nonmembers events policy is to uphold fairness to existing members and to preserve the value associated with ACOC membership. ACOC members enjoy the privilege of having unlimited access to ACOC networking events. The purpose of allowing nonmembers access to these exclusive events is to allow them the opportunity to engage with the ACOC under a trial basis.

Because prospective members would attend more than a month’s worth of ACOC events without joining, the ACOC has created a limit to how many events they can attend. The following guidelines specify nonmember attendance at events:

  • Prospective Members to the ACOC are permitted to attend 2 events within a calendar year, and must take place within a 30-day period.
  • If a prospective member attends a third event without joining, they will be permitted to attend, but they will be informed that this is their third event and will be asked to join or not be permitted to attend any subsequent ACOC events.
  • The prospective member can’t come back within a 2 year period if they do not join.