Chamber Conference Room Rental

Arcadia Chamber conference room rental policy and procedures

Please note; the Arcadia Chamber office can be used for rentals during office hours and exceptions can be made for after-hours rental. Restrictions apply. Please direct any questions to

Pursuant to a lease with the City of Arcadia, the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce permits the incidental use of the building and grounds for business and community-based non-profit or charitable organizations. No private events or parties are permitted.

Boardroom rental rates will be disclosed via email 

  • No refunds if you do not end up using the room you reserved
  • All rentals are subject to a 2 hour minimum

Payments must be made in advance; room may not be used until payment is received.

Conference room rental

The Chamber recommends you bring your own laptop with an HDMI port. The Chamber does not provide a laptop. Please note – our connection only allows for Powerpoint, Excel and Windows Media Files for projection.  YouTube and other internet based video sites will play material that is not under copyright laws. If you plan on playing a video but are uncertain of the format, the Chamber suggests you visit prior to your rental to test the connectivity.


  • User shall sign and shall be responsible for payment of a fee for use of the facility. This fee shall cover reasonable costs for heating, air conditioning, electricity, water, wear/tear, etc.
  • User shall be responsible for leaving room as found (clean and orderly/properly reset, trash taken out, etc.) for next user. A violation of this policy may result in a $100 cleaning fee, and/or denial or restriction of use. At times we have multiple users per day so please re-set chairs and tables in original positions. Cleaning fee will be charged to a card on file if the room is not in proper order.
  • User shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the building, furniture, equipment, materials, or grounds. User is responsible for replacement of ANY lost or stolen items.
  • Only the lobby, conference room and restrooms are accessible and not alarmed. Anyone violating the restricted posted area resulting in setting off the alarm in the building will be subject to a $100 fine (City of Arcadia ordinance #1492 regulating alarm systems).  There are no exceptions to this rule.  Renter is responsible for the actions of all persons in the building, including any children.
  • Food is not allowed in the Chamber office, and drinks can only be prepackaged (water, soda cans). If you fill a waste basket with any trash, the liner full of trash must be removed and replaced. Trash receptacle is located in the parking lot, and all utilized trash cans inside the building, including bathroom trash, must be emptied. Be sure to wipe tables clean of any spills.
  • If in use, monitors and projector must be turned off when leaving — power buttons are located on lower right side of monitor. Projector screen must also be in the raised position.
  • All doors must remain closed during meetings.
  • Thermostats are not accessible to persons renting the room.  If you have a special request for room temperature, please be sure you note this when paying for your rental.  The temperature cannot be adjusted as thermostats are located in alarmed areas of the building.
  • No private parties are allowed in the Chamber conference room. The conference room is for BUSINESS rentals only.

User priorities

In determining the priority use, the Chamber shall have first right for its official business — i.e. board meetings, committee and task force meetings/events, and special Chamber meetings/events. Preference then given to Arcadia business district and business association groups, then to Arcadia residents. Please reference the Chamber calendar  for open Room Rental dates.


For more Information please call (626) 447-2159