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The Arcadia Chamber of Commerce offers many services and resources to its members, most of which can be found here on this website or by calling the Chamber office at 626-447-2159 during regular business hours. You can also email any time to Info@ArcadiaCaChamber.org. Here are just a few of the services we offer. Please click on any of the buttons below to get more information on the services we offer.

  • Ribbon-cuttings for your grand opening or anniversary, at which the Chamber will invite local elected and Chamber officials, and publicize the event before and after.
  • The Mix provides you with an opportunity to showcase your business for a couple of hours at a time and date of your choosing — with the full marketing support of the Chamber.
  • The conference room at the Chamber (pictured) is available for rentals, up to 35 people.  Chamber Business Members can rent for a minimum of 2 hours at $35 per hour.  Non-Member pricing is $50 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.
  • Certificates of Origin for international trade. Document verification is provided at no charge to members (non-member charge: $50 for each document signed and stamped).
[trx_button type=”round” bg_color=”#11507c” link=”https://arcadiacachamber.org/ribbon-cutting-info/” class=”big_margin_bottom” top=”medium”]Ribbon Cutting[/trx_button]
[trx_button type=”round” bg_color=”#11507c” link=”https://arcadiacachamber.org/the-mix/” class=”big_margin_bottom” top=”medium”]The Mix[/trx_button]
[trx_button type=”round” bg_color=”#11507c” link=”https://arcadiacachamber.org/conference-room-rental/” class=”big_margin_bottom” top=”medium”]Conference Room[/trx_button]
[trx_button type=”round” bg_color=”#11507c” link=”https://arcadiacachamber.org/certificate-of-origin/” class=”big_margin_bottom” top=”medium”]Certificates of Origin[/trx_button]