The Mix


Mixer event requirements:

  • Requests for the MIX should be made well prior to the desired date to give time for marketing, promotion and invitations to be prepared and sent.
  • Room for approximately 50-100 guests inside and/or outside with some seating.
  • Hors d’oeuvres and/or light food and beverages are required and provided by the venue at no cost to attendees. You may coordinate and provide this yourself or ask the Chamber for recommendations of members who might be able to assist.
  • Beverages: Coffee, soft drinks, beer and wine are encouraged. You are responsible for complying with all relevant government liquor licenses.
  • Tables: A small table and two chairs for Chamber staff inside entrance to welcome guests plus a second table to display raffle prizes and member information.
  • Send the following to the Chamber: logo, flyer, and photo of your business.

Raffle items and tours are encouraged to showcase and promote your business. Chamber members will also be encouraged to bring raffle prizes.

If you haven’t previously sponsored the MIX, please attend one to familiarize yourself with the procedures.

Need more help? Contact the Chamber at (626) 447-2159

Your event will be listed on the Chamber website for all to see, as well as Facebook and Twitter. Please let us know if you are doing anything special for your event, such as performers, giveaways (raffle-drawings), so we can promote.

We look forward to helping you present your business to the community!

three people seated at a table looking into the camera
a group of people seen from above
The MIX Sponsorship flyer for 2024 showing sponsorship levels

Nonmember Events Limitation Policy

The ACOC’s objective in establishing a nonmembers events policy is to uphold fairness to existing members and to preserve the value associated with ACOC membership. ACOC members enjoy the privilege of having unlimited access to ACOC networking events. The purpose of allowing nonmembers access to these exclusive events is to allow them the opportunity to engage with the ACOC under a trial basis.

Because prospective members would attend more than a month’s worth of ACOC events without joining, the ACOC has created a limit to how many events they can attend. The following guidelines specify nonmember attendance at events:

  • Prospective Members to the ACOC are permitted to attend 2 events within a calendar year, and must take place within a 30-day period.
  • If a prospective member attends a third event without joining, they will be permitted to attend, but they will be informed that this is their third event and will be asked to join or not be permitted to attend any subsequent ACOC events.
  • The prospective member can’t come back within a 2 year period if they do not join.