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History: The Chamber was there

Chambers of Commerce have been around for more than 400 years and pre-date the Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War in the United States. Arcadia Chamber of Commerce CEO Scott Hettrick's "The Chamber was There" presentation at the … (More)

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Therapy for couch potatoes May 21

The topic for the presentation at the Networking Breakfast on May 21 will be "Orthopedic Surgery and Physical Therapy Intervention for the Couch Potato, Weekend Warrior and Everything in Between." Congress Orthopaedic Associates and Elite Motion, … (More)

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Hearing April 22 for replacing landfill

As the City of Arcadia prepares to replace a landfill at 12321 Lower Azusa Road near the I-605 freeway with a Logistics Center, they are beginning the an environmental review process with the following Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report. This alerts relevant State, federal and regional agencies of … (More)


Mosquitoes #1 killer; Forum news

When you think of deadly animals, you usually think of sharks, lions, and crocodiles, and snakes. If you think about animals that kill via diseases or viruses they spread, you might think of tapeworms, tsetse flies, and even rabid dogs. But those animals are each responsible for annual deaths … (More)


Jason Farned at April’s Gov Affairs

Jason Farned, Public Information Officer, San Gabriel Valley, Mosquito & Vector  Control District, will be the guest speaker at this month's Government Affairs Forum at 8 a.m. Thursday, April 2, 2015 . Farned will be giving an overview of their agency's function and  services. He will be … (More)