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Kin Hui of Arcadia Calif.

Kin Hui, Sierra Auto win Biz Awards

Arcadia resident Kin Hui, CEO of Singpoli Group, has been named Business Person of the Year by the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce and will be one of four awards recipients at the Arcadia Chamber's 2015 annual Business Awards sponsored by Printing … (More)

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Rod’s Grill Love on Route 66

The Arcadia Chamber of Commerce Love Lunch got its kicks on Route 66 today at Rod's Grill. Rod's is a classic American diner that serves up delicious, hearty portions of food. Arcadia Chamber CEO Scott Hettrick noted that an episode of "Mad Men" was … (More)

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Chinese CEOs in Arcadia Aug. 1

Recent U.S. Secretary of Commerce and U.S. Ambassador to China (前华盛顿州州长,美国商务部长 暨驻华大使), Gary Locke (骆家辉), and Liu Jian, Ambassador/Consul General of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China, will be keynote speakers at Chinese Business Symposium and Gala (演讲嘉宾介绍) in Arcadia August 1. City of Los … (More)


Dept. of Labor at Gov Affairs June 4

Jobs and the workforce in the region will be the topic covered by the speaker June 6 at the last Government Affairs Forum for the summer, along with the regular monthly updates from City officials and local county, state and national legislative offices. Frances Le is a Senior Benefits Advisor at … (More)

Hue Quach

City finances, water cuts May 7

The City of Arcadia’s finances and IT services will be the topic at the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce’s monthly Government Affairs Forum at 8 a.m. Thursday, May 7. The primary guest speaker, Hue C. Quach, Arcadia’s Administrative Services Director, will provide an overview of each of his areas … (More)